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Hooray, we're getting a baby!

Baby boom in Hollywood

Whether supermodel or singer the stars are in the pregnancy delusion. Mariah Carey switches XS-Top to Baby-Doll and Alicia Keys alternately picks up a microphone, a music stand and a diaper.

Star baby book
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We show pregnant stars and prominent mothers.

The baby boom is spreading in Hollywood. For actresses, singers and models, the need for family growth increases. Recent examples: singer Mariah Carey, model Eva Herzigova and singer Alanis Morisette.

See the most beautiful baby bellies in the gallery (26 images).

They say goodbye to their figure for nine months pregnant and happy to lay a few pounds for the offspring.

Not only in Hollywood, but also in LA, NYC and London, more and more A-list celebrities are happily photographing with baby bumps and in absolutely stylish tunics on the street. The question arises: is a baby suddenly the new status symbol?

Because neither the climate change nor relationship fluctuations keep the couple from the family growth. The Klum family and the Brangelina clan set a fast pace in the offspring. But thanks to the personal trainer and diet plan, the ladies stay just as slim and slim as before. Bikini figure: Sexy curves with SHAPE Online >>

Picture gallery: Gisele B√ľndchen on COSMOPOLITAN Online >>

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