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Horror film shown: Teacher must go to jail

The horror movie disturbed the students.
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Horror lessons

She would not have shown the horror film to her students - now the teacher goes to jail for 90 days!

In keeping with the theme, teachers sometimes like to show a movie in class. Normally this has a positive effect on both sides - the teacher does not have to teach and the students are happy about the welcome change. So: a movie is always. Or not?

This teacher clearly missed out on her film selection. In a school in Ohio, Sheila Kearns showed her students "The ABCs o f Death", a horror film full of violence and sex scenes.

The only school appropriate to the film may well have been the ABC at the beginning of the title, because you would have preferred to do without the rest. For 23 minutes, the students had to watch the horror film from 26 episodes in which people were killed in various ways. Although her students were between 14 and 18 years old, the 58-year-old showed adult-grade film in class.

What a horror film has to look for in Spanish lessons, remains as questionable as the reason for the disturbing selection of films. The now ex-teacher stated in court, she had not known the film before. The students and prosecutors saw that, however, differently. Only the title would give enough information about the movie content. The horror after the film: The teacher now has 90 days in jail, as a condition for the following three-year rebar. What the woman has thought in the act remains questionable.