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Wedding party with William, Kate and Charles Spencer

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British royal troupes William (29), Kate (30), and Harry (27) always bow to royal family festivals abroad. In their own country, however, they like to celebrate with relatives and friends.

So now, when the three celebrity guests of honor were at the wedding of Emily McCorquodale and James Hutt.

Emily is a maternal cousin of William and Harry . She is a daughter of Princess Diana's († 1997) sister Sarah McCorquodale. Diana used to have close contact with her sister. Therefore, the children knew each other well.

William, Harry and Emily spent a lot of time together at a young age. Therefore, it was also a matter of honor for the princes to go to Stoke Rochford (Lincolnshire) now for the cousin's wedding, which is fully recovered after a serious cancer.

Noteworthy: Kate did her best not to steal the show from the bride. That is to say - she did not cause a stir in fashion. Her coat was already known from a courtly party, her costume had worn her on her trip to America last year, and her hat was not new either, she had shown it at a derby in 2011.

By the way, more than Kate was being watched by Diana's brother Charles, the 9th Earl of Spencer (48), and the lady by his side. It was Countess Karen Spencer, 40, his third wife, who is clearly pregnant. Charles Spencer will soon be his father for the seventh time because he already has six children from his divorced marriages. He has been married to Karen since June 2011.

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