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Duchess Kate: Naked Facts in New Zealand

Jeez! Already on the first day of her 3-week Australia and New Zealand trip booked

Naked butts and nose kisses: The princess takes it easy.
Photo: Getty Images

Duchess Kate a few scandals. With Prince William and little son George she had traveled to the New Zealand capital Wellington and had already taken care of some sexy leg strokes in the red flutter dress at the airport.

That this should not be the last - er - huh - erotic moment of the day, was revealed at the official government reception. Because it was crowned by a presentation of traditional tribal dances by Maori warriors, who performed in rather tight clothes. When asked to royally shake hands, the English princess was confronted with bare facts.

One of the Maori was wearing traditional clothes - made of a tight thong that did not cover much of his hindquarters - during the happy chat with Kate. Luckily, he had covered himself with a kind of bashock in the front, to spare the princess further insights.

Kate did not let up - quite professional - and took it easy. Unfortunately, she does not know how she liked the elevator, judging from her mischievous smile, she had her pleasure in the naked butt of her interlocutor.

Finally, there was a loving "Hongi" (nose kiss) for Duchess Kate and the official part of the day was done. We are curious to see what happens next and wish you a pleasant journey!

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