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High time for a new parka!

Presumably you will be out in the winter. Because you want to do these parkas as often as possible.
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Our plea for the parka purchase

We can not start early enough to adjust to minus degrees. Which does not mean you have to look like Mademoiselle Michelin. Voilà: the most beautiful parka for after-shopping.

Why do we love him so much in the winter? Because his big hood saves us the cap stress . And because he (usually) is so fluffy fed that we can give the extra sweater underneath also.

A parka feels most comfortable in the company of casual looks: jeans and knitwear emphasize its casual character. But he also looks too narrow (!), Knee-length pencil skirts and shorts plus a blouse. Even with festive party fashion, he does not freak - if he is not just going out with a floor-length robe ...

Incidentally, the word " parka " is borrowed from the Inuit language and means "heat". Actually logical, packed into this anorak, even the hardest winter leaves us cold.

The most beautiful parkas to the Nachshoppen we show up in the gallery to click through!

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