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Nina Dobrev's secret twin

Celebrity doppelgangers

Naops, are we seeing about twice now? Do not worry, actresses Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev are neither optical illusions nor twins.

the double Lottie
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Whether the two actresses Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev were separated at birth, we do not know. But this is not completely suspicious. After all, the two brunette beauties look confused similar. With their dark, flowing manes, brown eyes and their pretty faces, the two are currently in high demand, not only as actresses but also as occasional models.

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Victoria is only three years younger than her optical competitor, but has no less theatrical talent. However, Nina is a stone's throw ahead of her starring role in the US series "Vampire Diaries." Victoria, however, was only allowed to play on Jamie Lynn Spears' side in the television series "Zoey 101".

The two beauties will soon be more likely to get involved in film casting around Hollywood. But instead of scratching their eyes, the two actresses should rather take advantage of this: If Nina does not feel like kissing vampires, Victoria can just step in and take her part in the film set. A revenge is self-evident.

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