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Hayden Panettiere blushes

Hayd's transformation: from cheerleader to vamp

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere

No more with blonde teenie next door: Hayden Panettiere had enough of the blonde image and surprised press and fans with a whole new "Red Carpet" look: At the premiere celebration of the drama Temple Grandin appeared the Heroes actress with a red head. When asked about the reason for the drastic change, her answer was as simple as it was convincing: "Because I can." After dressing off the last Heroes season, she finally had the opportunity to change the type and did not miss the chance. "I'm feeling right now not blond, "Hayden continued, so a new color was needed. Actually, she wanted it even darker, but then but first decided to red, dark come soon, reveals the actress. It is well known, what is said to women with urge to change hair: There is something going on in the love life! Is boxing size Wladimir Klitschko, with whom she is said to have a romance, already out again? Or is he on the contrary on redheads, and Hayd wants him so much better? Maybe Mushroom also has her good mushroom image over and wants to play the poisonous fly agaric for a change!

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