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Hansi Hinterseer: The secret to his family

Hansi Hinterseer
Photo: Sony BMG / Andrea Mayer Rinner

A Hans in luck!

It says, where there is a lot of light, there is also a lot of shadow ... And who looks at the life of Hansi Hinterseer (57), realizes how much truth is in these words. On the one hand there is the big secret about his family, about his parents Josefine (79) and Ernst (79). Hansi Hinterseer never speaks of them, and he would like to ban reports about them. So much is known: the relationship with both is shattered, Hansi Hinterseer grew up with his grandparents. All the more beautiful and radiant is his own family life. For 25 years he is married to his Romana (53), the two have the daughters Jessica (21) and Laura (23). His three girls are his greatest happiness, as Hansi Hinterseer has often said. An interview with the Swiss "Glückspost" now reveals how good Hansi's relationship with Romana's mother Silvia and father-in-law Fabio is.

Silvia Ferrari (76) says: "He calls me, Ma ', my husband, Pa'. Hansi also calls spontaneously, asking: 'Ma, how are you?' "Yes, what a happy family is, Hansi Hinterseer got to know for the first time with the parents-in-law. Silvia: "My husband and I have been married for 55 years. Our family life has always been very important to us. Hansi also likes this cohesion. "Silvia tells only good things about her son-in-law. Silvia Ferrari: "He is a special person, kind and very nice. Our Romana and also our in-laws have been very lucky. "

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