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Shockingly real: US artist Lee Price paints women with eating disorders

Lee Price knows what it means when eating is comforting and dependency at the same time. The US artist has therefore presented her personal experiences with eating disorders in deceptively real, but painted images.

Lee Price shows in her pictures women who eat in very intimate situations.
Photo: Lee Price

The pictures of Lee Price look like photos. Realistically, the artist portrayed women in different situations with food. Whether sweets or fast food: food plays an essential role in her pictures. And for a reason: The 47-year-old suffered from an eating disorder . When she felt sick, she stuffed food.

However, with her pictures - on which she worked for seven years - she does not just want to draw attention to eating disorders. For Price, the insatiable hunger for food is also always a symbol of another "hunger", which is tried with the help of food to breastfeed. Your pictures should help to deal with this.

Really exceptional about the pictures of Price is the environment. The women eat in the bathtub, in bed or in other unusual places. It was important for the artist to portray peaceful, private places where women retire to eat. So the contrast between the chaotic eating behavior and the quiet situation should be as startling as possible.

Above you can click through the impressive images of Lee Price and even more about Lee Price is available on her homepage:

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