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The wedding was her last wish: young cancer patient marries shortly before her death

Nobody would suspect: But Dawn already knows in this picture that she will die soon.
Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Davie Langham

The fight against cancer

The diagnosis came suddenly: end-stage cervical cancer. 26-year-old Dawan only had a few months left. Her dream: to marry friend Daniel.

For the then 25-year-old Dawn Weston from Britain, the diagnosis of cancer came from nowhere. Particularly tragic: the doctors diagnosed the young woman that she would only have a few months left to live.

The young woman has one more wish before her death: she wants to marry her boyfriend Daniel (28). The wedding, which was already planned for the summer, is brought forward to January. As the video below shows, Dawn and her husband are on the right track on their very special day. The couple looks incredibly happy. But the beautiful, happy woman we see in this wedding video is no longer alive today.

How it came to this

It starts insidiously. Dawn first suffers from ever-increasing back pain. She puts it on the many standing at her work in the barbershop. Even the doctors who visit Daniel and his fiancée do not believe in a serious illness. For Dawn was still too young. The then 25-year-old is not tested for cervical cancer . In the UK, women are not allowed to test for this cancer at such a young age.

But Daniel does not let up and convinces Dawn as well as the doctors that further investigations are necessary. When the young woman finally gets the test, the couple gets the shocking diagnosis: cervical cancer. Dawn's back pain can now be identified as a symptom of the rampant cancer.

Dawn wants to celebrate her wedding without her friends and family seeing the disease. With chemotherapy, the young woman only starts after the ceremony. Dawn's condition begins to worsen with the ongoing battle against the disease. She is transferred from the hospital to a hospice. Here she only has four months left until her death. She is still celebrating her 26th birthday.

On her last day, her mother and mother-in-law are with her. She says goodbye to her husband the day before.

After her death, Dawn's husband is now fighting for a change in the law in the UK. Daniel wants to get the cervical cancer test done on younger women aged 20+. His wife can no longer be saved, but possibly the lives of many other young women.