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Big breasts without surgery thanks to estrogen?

Most women know this: take the

Busty thanks to estrogen?
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  1. What is estrogen?
  2. Estrogen instead of breast surgery?
  3. The alternatives for a larger breast without surgery

Pill, the breasts quickly become a little basket bigger . Estrogen pills are responsible for making the breast look firmer and bigger when taken. So why not enlarge the breast without surgery and swallow estrogen instead ?

What is estrogen?

Estrogen is one of the most important female sex hormones . It regulates the cycle and is involved in the formation of placenta during pregnancy. The estrogen causes water retention and the formation of fat cells on the breast. This causes many women to take the pill - among other things - because of the positive effect on the breasts .

Estrogen instead of breast surgery?

Rather not. Artificial intake of estrogen through the pill or hormone therapy delivers hormones to the body, which in addition to larger breasts can lead to other side effects . Some of them are not safe. Thrombosis and stroke are the biggest risks in the artificial intake of estrogen.

In addition, it can also lead to other visual side effects that are not necessarily desirable. Because not only the breast stores water and fat. Chest and buttocks can also become rounder.

The alternatives for a larger breast without surgery

Try visually enlarging your breasts. This is possible with special exercises for the chest muscle. Even simple exercises can make the chest muscle stronger and appear bigger.

Thin women often already a few extra pounds to enlarge the breasts a bit. Maybe you can get hold of something to increase your breasts a bit.

Perfect your attitude! Often the bosom looks smaller than it would have to, because you can hang your shoulder. The saying: Shoulders back, chest out really pulls to bring out the bosom.

A brand new way to effectively enlarge the breast without surgery is here.

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