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Green Matcha tea is currently on everyone's lips!

Matcha tea gives a good energy kick. What accessories you need for the new tea ceremony, we reveal in the next pictures.
Photo: Matthias Ritzmann / Corbis

Tea like trend! Hot tip for the energy kick

Matcha tea, the green tea from Japan, is currently in the spotlight: as a wake-up drink, in biscuits, smoothies and chocolate. What you need as a matcha maker, we reveal here!

Between Darjeeling and Earl Gray, a newcomer is appearing more and more often in the tea shelves of the department stores and on the drinks menus of the cafés: Matcha tea .

The elaborately grown, ground to fine powder green tea is already a really old hat in Japan. It has been used in the traditional tea ceremony for over 800 years - and has now become the new "in" drink for us as well . So bag in the cup, water on it and you're already floating on the trend wave? Not quite ... Because for the preparation at home you need a sure instinct - and the right equipment.

Using a spatula (the so-called "Chashaku"), pour a small amount of the green powder into a special Matcha bowl and pour over 80 degrees with hot water (so boil the tea water and allow to cool for about five minutes). The highlight: with a bamboo broom, the "Chasen", the tea is then beaten creamy. Matcha professionals stir a fluffy "W" from the wrist, so that beautiful foam forms on the surface.

Image: Shutterstock / matka_Wariatka

Do not worry: this effort is worthwhile, because the strong aroma of the Matcha tea tastes really special and also gives a super energy kick. Since the whole tea leaf (which stays in the sieve with other teas) is taken from Matcha, the drink contains a very high proportion of caffeine.

But not only as a classic tea, the grass-green powder is the hit. More and more often it is also used as a flavor element (and splashes of color) in biscuits, chocolate, smoothies and latte variants (with milk and vanilla flavor, for example, at Starbucks).

So do not wait, but drink matcha tea !