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That's how much tickets are spent for Fashion Week in Milan and Paris

Here is a look from the Fendi collection for Fall / Winter 2014 - the looks for the next summer could be seen from close up when you get the n have some change.
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For just under 70, 500, the front row seat belongs to you!

Be there live when the new looks of Fendi, Prada, Giorgio Armani and Miu Miu run across the runway? A charity auction makes it possible and auctioned off Front Row seats for the fashion weeks in Milan and Paris.

Do you dream of attending Fashion Week in Milan or Paris? Preferably next February? And in the front row ? But you lack the connections to the fashion industry, to get to the tickets ? Thanks to the charity auction "Watermill Center", vitamin B (education) is no longer necessary.

In its summer auction, which uses the money raised to support young artists, the organization will auction off two ticket packages for Front Row: once to the shows of Fendi, Prada and Giorgio Armani in Milan and then on to Paris for Miu Miu. Show. The start offer? 25, 000 dollars (about 18, 500 euros) for the trio in Milan and another 10, 000 dollars (about 7, 500 euros) for a show in Paris.

Those who want to be on the safe side can already get the tickets for the Fendi Show plus Backstage visit to for just under $ 95, 000 (around € 70, 500). Still money left? The Buy It Now option also exists for the show in Paris - for $ 25, 000 on top.

A small consolation: Many shows are transmitted as a livestream on the net - and sitting in a sweatpants and gummy bears on the laptop and watching the latest designer parts from the couch, is almost as much fun as being there live. Almost.