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Repair a glossy picture frame

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New look for an oldie

Repair a glossy picture frame: That's how it's done

  • abrasive paper
  • Plaster or wood putty
  • duct tape
  • primer
  • depending on your request spray lacquer in white and gold
  • Liquid paint or gilder kit brush
  • Glue
  • maybe gilded moldings

Before you start the "type change", you should prepare the frames . Sand the old surfaces with sandpaper.

Then repair damaged areas with plaster, and work with wooden putty on wooden frames.

In order to ensure a uniform adhesion of the new coat, a primer is recommended.

Apply and allow to dry well before gilding. If the frame should be multicolored, first apply the light clay with spray paint, let it dry well.

Then carefully glue off the bright surfaces and apply the gilding with spray paint. In the craft shop you will find various colors and metallic tones and effect coatings, z. B. "hammer blow".

A real gilding is much more complex - but corresponding sets are also available in the craft shop. Even new frames can be refined in this way.

Alternatively, simply stick on (even) gilded moldings.

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