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Uterine Removal: 5 tips for decision-making

Uterine Removal: Tips for decision-making are very important
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No easy decision

A womb removal is not an easy decision. Here are 5 important tips to help you ask the right questions.

1. Exactly ask!

Do not be afraid to ask your doctor exactly: What kind of illness do I have? What does this technical term mean? What treatment options are there for me? What advantages and disadvantages do you have? Why is a womb removal necessary? Your doctor has a duty to inform you! Make a note of the questions so that you do not forget them.

2. Set on support!

Four ears hear more than two - take a confidante to the discussion. Get more opinions! Be sure to get a second opinion from another doctor. And inform yourself in a counseling center (see box below).

3. Never precaution!

There is still more surgery than necessary. Ovaries are z. B. often removed "as a precautionary". This greatly upsets the hormone balance. If there is no reason (cancer), you should refuse ovarian removal. And even if your doctor z. For example, if fibroids are discovered, but they do not cause any discomfort, you do not have to undergo surgery!

4. Take time!

Do not let anyone put pressure on you, take your time to decide. There are very few situations in which surgery is really necessary immediately.

5. Make use of further advice!

Here you will find advice and help: Counseling offers, inter alia, 17 women's health centers. For more information, call the Federal Association: 05 51/48 70 25.

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