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Spring Cleaning: That's how you motivate yourself

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  1. So even the spring cleaning is fun!
  2. Check off to-do list makes you happy
  3. Make yourself comfortable
  4. The right music for spring cleaning
  5. Brush together (with a girlfriend)
  6. First the duty, then the K r: Make it nice
  7. Envy buoys - and perhaps motivates others

So even the spring cleaning is fun!

Time for the spring cleaning and you have so no desire? Can we understand! That's why we have put together motivational tips for you ...

Unfortunately, when spring approaches, he too is increasingly coming into our field of vision: the dirt in our apartment. Time for the spring cleaning! And in order to tackle this cheerfully, we give you tips for more motivation to clean:

Check off to-do list makes you happy

The phenomenon probably everyone knows: When you make a to-do list, not only structured his work, it is also a nice feeling, one point after the other off.

Incidentally, the first item on your spring cleaning to-do list should be an inventory. Is everything really there? All-purpose cleaner, special cleaner, microfibre cloths, enough cleaning cloths, rubber gloves (for sensitive hands), etc.

Then you should structure your approach: systematic working through of the rooms or the materials (eg first all glass surfaces, then wood, finally, the floors, etc.) is more efficient than haphazard times here and sometimes to wipe.

Make yourself comfortable

Put your sweatpants and T-shirt on, tie your hair together ... If you feel good and do not pull and bother, it will dress better. And you have no excuses to correct something quickly, to change clothes, to style differently or to do something different.

The right music for spring cleaning

The experts at Homejoy, an online cleaner placement agency, have put together the most popular "cleaning hits":

For strength and motivation at the beginning, they recommend good-mood classics from the 70s like "Nightfever" from the BeeGees. You want to keep the good mood? Then continue with "Get The Party Started" by P! NK. A good beat for staying at the pole or mop is "I Got A Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas or "Roar" by Katy Perry.

Open your window, breathe deeply and listen to "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 and "Let's Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez - that adds momentum!

The end of the cleaning marathon is near? Then come back down a bit with Caribbean sounds by Bob Marley: Evergreens like "Three Little Birds" do not give the cleaning stress a chance.

Brush together (with a girlfriend)

Make your spring cleaning a happening: Invite a friend, make champagne cold and brush together.

The right accompaniment music we have already told you above. Make a nice girl's day just that you clean, instead of sitting on the sofa. Talk, laugh, clean up. Tell the related stories about different items you find cleaning. And as a reward there will be a sparkling wine later (or even in between).

Yes, and of course you do the same in the foreseeable future again in the apartment of your girlfriend.

First the duty, then the freestyle: Make yourself beautiful

Is that nice if everything is clean! And these little cute decoration items that still fly around everywhere (and were rediscovered when cleaning), are now really great! Decorate your apartment, yes you might even clean up a little - that brings a new sense of home. And a fresh bouquet of flowers on the table makes a room so much nicer! But before the decoration can be placed in square X and the flowers on sideboard Y, they must be clean. So, losputzen!

Envy inspires - and perhaps motivates others

It may sound mean, but in the end it's like this: If someone is jealous of us, that we've done something, we're all the more proud of ourselves. So just after the spring cleaning invite a few friends to admire your work. The praise or the prospect, motivate you guaranteed! And you may motivate your friends to clean themselves as well.


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