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Flirt App Happn: Do not install Blo

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Test: The app kills the battery and privacy

The flirt app Happn wants to bring people back together after coincidental meetings. How well that works, has tested an editor of

Actually, it's a wonderful idea. The app Happn should help longing people to see the nice man or the pretty woman they met someday somewhere.

You met the man of your dreams on Easter Street on Monday, 6 pm, but he was gone too fast to ask for his number? No problem! Happn start and with luck, his Facebook profile will be displayed to the people who have also been on Monday at 18 o'clock on Easter Street. You can filter the search results by age and gender, ie you can only show men between the ages of 30 and 50, for example.

For this to work, he must, however, have also installed the app.

When He shows up on the results, you can view his public photos, his age, and his profession - if he has indicated this information in his Facebook profile. If the first good impression is confirmed, you can give it a like. If he licks them as well, the chat function will be unlocked and they can arrange to meet at best, for the much-desired reunion, which probably would never have been possible without the app.

But for this benefit you would have to put up with some disadvantages.

1. The app permanently locates you - the perfect template for all stalkers.

2. The app requires access to all your Facebook data. No one really needs another data octopus.

3. The app kills the battery. For the test, I had the app installed for about 30 hours, during which time the battery was constantly feeling empty - TROTZ energy-saving mode.

4. Women can write for free, men have to pay before they can chat. How many men would like to do that?

Conclusion: This app really does not have to be. Next time, grab a heart before the dream man disappears again. A nice smile and a question about the number, that's a much nicer story for friends and grandchildren ...

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