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Fitness Yoga: Sun salutation instead of strength training

The sun salutation must be carried out evenly and in the rhythm of the breath.
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Towards the sun

What is behind the sun salutation? A series of exercises designed to activate the body and mind and address hundreds of muscles. An instruction.

Sun salutation is not a single exercise but a series of asanas. These are the most basic exercises of yoga, performed evenly and in the rhythm of breathing.

Especially popular: the sun salutation in the morning. You can start slowly and increase the intensity slowly. So they stimulate the circulation and draw energy for the whole day. Even in the evening, the sun salutation can help to release blockages and to prepare for a pleasant night.

As with any asana, you should also listen to the sun salutation . Only those who feel comfortable can activate their body and mind. You can adjust the intensity of the exercises to your own physical condition. Experienced yogis perform asanas in the flow of their breathing, and beginners hold the exercises for five breaths .

The sun salutation is often ridiculed. Connoisseurs know the sequence of twelve asanas activates hundreds of muscles. Some even say the sun salutation is more effective than any strength training in the studio. Try out!

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