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Eva Brenner: Delicious spring cuisine for at home and on the way

"Home in Happiness" with Eva Brenner always runs on Sundays at 9 o'clock on RTL2
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Healthy ideas for the whole family

What could be better than strolling through the weekly market on a warm spring morning and buying tasty delicacies fresh from the farmer?

I am always looking forward to this ritual on the weekend. Especially when visiting friends is pending, which I can spoil then with healthy and tasty dishes.

Above all, of course, is the asparagus as the spring vegetables par excellence. I always enjoy the first pierced sticks in a classic way with new potatoes and fresh butter. But also an asparagus salad or an asparagus is delicious. Best of all, unless you drown the asparagus in a hollandaise sauce, it is healthy, tasty, and low in calories.

When it gets warmer, refreshing food is at the top of my diet. A crispy lettuce with avocado and thin-sliced ​​strawberry slices is delicious. This can also be prepared perfectly and take lunch break with the snack to work. If you do not have the meat, you can also add a fried chicken breast as a topping.

Especially delicious and ideal for traveling, sandwiches are in all variations. I use mostly fresh wholemeal toast and prove it to taste. From gossamer turkey breast on rocket leaves and radish slices with honey mustard mayonnaise over Pastrami with cress and Parmesan shavings to omelette with mushrooms on lettuce - the imagination knows no bounds. The eye always eats with me and everything should be nice to look at.

Delicious couscous salad creations are also ideal for traveling. They taste twice as delicious the next day. In the mason jar, they can be perfectly taken to work or school and are definitely healthier than a greasy canteen menu. If you like oriental, you can make a couscous salad with chickpeas, roasted eggplant slices and tomato. It gets more fruity with apple pieces and chicory. And shrimp make it elegant.

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Smoothies are also delicious and healthy. So you can start the day perfectly. So that it has to go fast in the morning and you do not want to stand in the kitchen forever and snip fruits and vegetables, I'll tell you my favorite tip: I always imagine the fruits and vegetables before in freezer bags in portions together and store them in the freezer. So you can put together his smoothies perfectly in advance for a whole week. You can then fill the ingredients directly from the bag or the food container into the blender. A few more fresh components that will not freeze and let's go. My current favorite smoothie is kale and spinach (perfect for freezing). Then there is a fresh apple and a banana. Delicious! Come all healthy through the spring and good appetite!

All the best and until Sunday on RTL2,

Your Eva Brenner

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