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Eva Brenner: My gardening tips for the summer

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Summer paradise garden

In order to have a garden with many plants and bright flowers in the summer, it needs some preparation. These are my gardening tips.

For me, summer is the best time of the year. When the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and it is warm, I prefer to spend my free time in the garden. So that the sunny garden days also become a complete pleasure, first of all the sleeves must be rolled up. The garden design and especially the garden maintenance mean a lot of work. But I think it's worth it!

The foundation stone for a flowery garden is a healthy soil. With intensive preparation and care, you can enrich the soil with sufficient nutrients and thus contribute to a good supply of plants. For this you have to take the hoe regularly and loosen up the soil. So the soil does not dry out so quickly, is supplied with air and annoying weed seeds can harder to fix. Caution is advised when working with the hoe already planted beds, so that the roots of the plants are not injured. Not to forget is the fertilizer. Whether with natural compost or a help from the garden market, a healthy soil needs many minerals.

Small garden tip: raised beds can relieve the back and make gardening easier, especially in old age. Planted with a sea of ​​colorful flowers, they are also a real eye-catcher for the summer feel-good oasis.

For vegetable lovers, of course, a suitable place for a small vegetable garden may not be missing. When choosing the square of the bed should be paid attention to the soil condition. If the soil has permanent wet surfaces, it is unsuitable for the cultivation of vegetables at this point, since otherwise the young plants rot quickly. I always plant nasturtium for bedding. Snails love them and are therefore the perfect protection for the salad. The orange flowers of the cress not only set a colorful accent, but are even edible and make great in a fresh salad!

Fruit trees and berry bushes not only provide tasty ingredients for a fresh fruit salad, they can also be used as seasonal decoration highlights. In winter you can decorate them with little fairy lights, for Easter colorful Easter eggs hang on the branches and festive garlands adorn the treetops for the summer festival.

In the garden there are numerous possibilities to provide exciting highlights again and again. Not only the bedding and landscaping, but a porch on which you can even stay late in the evening - equipped with comfortable furniture, different light sources, warming blankets and pillows. I also like flamboyant wooden pavilions - the perfect place to retire with a book and lie comfortably between the cushions in the sun.

On the green fingers, go!

All the best,

Your Eva Brenner

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