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Eva Brenner: My ideas for clothes upcycling

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Fresh ideas for your wardrobe

In the spring we like to kill the wardrobe once. Winter things are mothballed and airy blouses and tops come to light. Often a few clothes wander into the collection of old clothes.

But that does not have to be, because with a few upcycling tips you can give some of your favorite pieces a new distinctive look.

The classic has recently tinkered with a dear friend of mine. She has made a charming dress for her daughter from an old men's shirt. This is quite simple. The focal point is the button placket. From this, just cut out a short-sleeved dress. Line the edges and sew the front and back together. And already a pretty summer dress for little girls is created.

But even for "big girls" I have a trick in stock. From old crochet blankets can be created beautiful feminine Peter Pan collar. They can be embroidered directly on the collar. If you do not have crochet doilies at hand, you can make do with a cake topper made of paper. Simply place the desired pattern on the T-shirt collar and mark the holes with a textile marker. This has transferred the pattern to the T-shirt and makes for a great new look. Be sure to fix the pattern according to instructions of the textile dye with the iron, otherwise there is a nasty surprise after the first wash.

Do you also have the feeling that some t-shirts get shorter and shorter after a few washes? I often find that a pity, because I would like to wear them, but I'm not necessarily a fan of cropped fashion . But even here there is a solution. I then cut from another T-shirt a ca. 15 cm wide stiffener on the hem and just sew it to the hem of the short-cut shirt. This creates a cool layer look.

Once on a "home in luck" construction site (every Sunday, 9:00 am on RTL II) a small mishap happened to me. I wanted to paint something quickly and my favorite jeans got a splash of color. I made a virtue out of necessity. With white textile paint and stencils, I have the jeans turned into a PĆ¼nktchenhose. But you should make sure that the points are painted on the jeans at a regular distance, otherwise it will be too restless.

Sometimes even the most creative upcycling attempt on some clothes does not help anymore and the favorite shirt is simply beyond saving. Then there's only one thing to do: simply cut out equal squares, ideally from the front print, out of old T-shirts and sew them together into a quilt. On the back of a nice favorite fabric and some fleece as food in between. So you have a nice blankie or a bedspread with memory factor.

Oh yes, and where we are again on the subject of "living": Old corduroy or denim shirts are ideal as a fabric for stools or small chairs.

Do you also have great clothes upcycling ideas? I'm happy about your creative suggestions.

All the best, your Eva Brenner

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