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Eva Brenner: My ideas for picnics and barbecue

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The Barbecue season is opened!

In the fresh air, the appetite is quickly stimulated and there comes a little picnic in the park or a shared barbecue on the lake but called. Here are a few tasty and decorative tips for everyone.

Even if the summer came a little late this year - now is picnic and barbecue time! It does not always have to be meat, because numerous vegetables, such as zucchini, eggplant, peppers or mushrooms are grilled a treat. Softer vegetables can be placed directly onto the grill without much preparation. For slightly harder vegetables such as potatoes or carrots, it is recommended to blanch them beforehand. A tip for the true gourmet: Before grilling, drizzle the vegetables with almond oil and refine with fresh herbs from the garden, salt and pepper. This gives the dish a spicy touch. Even the cheese lover is not too short at the garden party. Halloumi cheese can also be prepared on the grill for all grilled dishes as a side dish. Since this type of cheese is grilled, it is particularly suitable for this. For a gentle preparation, I advise to use barbecue bowls. For austerity foxes: From aluminum paper you can make your own small barbecue bowls. Fine pieces of vegetables can be wonderfully fixed with skewers. Here I like to pick rosemary sprigs instead of the traditional wooden sticks. These keep the ingredients together just as well and, moreover, give off their aroma to zucchini and Co. To anyone who lacks something light, I advise you to fish. For this the salmon trout or the Dorade are suitable. Simply place with some oil, herbs, fennel and lemon slices in a grill or aluminum bowl and off to the grill with it - delicious! You can also prepare the fish at home with a delicious vegetable filling. To do this, mix a few dried tomatoes and olives with a few slices of lemon thyme and some cream cheese to fill the fish with. Finally, some lemon grass, which gives the dish the necessary freshness and is a real culinary delight.

If you do not want sugar-rich and elaborate desserts, you can not go wrong with Grillobst. The fruit is similar to the crisp vegetables. Everything from apple to watermelon can be grilled. Small fruit skewers are especially popular. You can also use rosemary sprigs for a special flavor. Here you can give free rein to your imagination and combine delicious fruits together. A special highlight is the grilled banana. It is simply placed in the whole with shell on the grill and turned. As soon as the skin turns black the banana is consumable. For the special culinary delight you can scrape the bowl beforehand and drizzle in some honey or rum. If you like it sweet, you can skewer small strawberries together with marshmallows and put them on the grill. Then round out a few chocolate sprinkles from the whole.

Picnic: sweet and savory recipes

If you just want to enjoy a tasty bite in the fresh air, you do not have to heat your coals. A cozy picnic in the park or at the lake also quenches hunger and thirst. All dishes that are not only warm, but also cold, are not too sensitive and can be eaten easily outdoors. These include sandwiches, quiches, meatballs and smaller salads. The dressing for the salad should be packaged separately and be given just before eating over the salad, otherwise it collapses and loses its aroma. Also suitable are cucumbers, peppers and radishes. A delicious herb yoghurt dip and ready is the healthy snack in between.

The necessary accessories for the picnic or barbecue in the countryside should meet some criteria. It must be easy, at the same time robust and transportable. It is suitable cutlery and dishes made of melamine, a robust plastic, very good. These flushable and durable utensils come in many fresh colors and designs.

Nothing should stand in the way of a delicious and varied gourmet evening. I wish you all a few rain-free and cozy summer evenings!

All the best, your Eva Brenner

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