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New Year's Eve dresses for the best party of the year

Brilliant prospects: New Year's Eve dresses with sequins are the hit in this party season! This sparkle look is available at Bershka.
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Sequins sparkle with New Year's Eve fireworks!

Anything but unobtrusive: These clothes are loud, colorful and extravagant. When do we wear them? On New Year's Eve ! And also in the whole party season. Because with these sequin parts we light up the gray winter tristesse!

No understatement! A glittering appearance is sure to be all-over with sequins. But even a small dose can have a big effect. So off to the store for dazzling shopping fun - because there are never as many glitter parts as now!

The most important styling tips for sparkling New Year's Eve dresses : 1. Sequins wear - the bigger they are, the doller.2. Please be sure to use well-dosed, otherwise we radiate with the tree to the bet. Pure on the couch, wearing black tights, pumps and no jewelry.3. Heels are an absolute must! Glitter never works casual.

So stylish we let it crack! You can find the most beautiful New Year's dresses for after-shopping in the picture gallery!

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