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Relaxed everyday = relaxed digestion

One should know anti-stress strategies for the head and intestine
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The best anti-stress strategies for the head and intestines

Customer meeting, leisure activities such as sports or meeting friends - as versatile as the daily routine is, the many professional and private tasks and challenges can also mean stress. Often, there is no time for relaxation, one appointment chases the next and eaten is between the hook and the tail.

Even for seemingly banal things, such as going to the toilet, the necessary rest is missing. Not every body can easily digest this everyday hectic life. The result: constipation or constipation.

For the sufferers, these symptoms often mean a significant impairment of the quality of life, they feel uncomfortable and bloated.

A study of 2, 870 people has shown that irregular digestion has an immediate impact on well-being and vitality.

People who suffer from constipation report fatigue, fatigue, and poor performance more than non-symptom individuals.

Head and intestine are in constant exchange

The reason for the close interaction between the gut and the psyche are numerous connections via nerve tracts that connect the brain and the digestive system.

The intestine is therefore very sensitive to mental stress such as stress or anger.

Medically, this connection can be explained in two ways: on the one hand, stress itself slows down the digestive activity.

In stressful situations, the neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine are increasingly released, which stimulate the cardiovascular system but inhibit the digestive tract and slow down bowel movements.

On the other hand, in hectic situations and under pressure of time, the stool urgency is often ignored or even suppressed. This behavior can lead in the long run to an ever weaker chair urge.

Gentle help for the sluggish intestine

Depending on the situation and stress levels, the symptoms may be more pronounced or weaker. Sometimes the digestion finds its way back to its usual rhythm and sometimes it needs support.

A perfect solution is therefore Laxoberal® Laxative Drops. Because these can be dosed according to personal needs. From 10 to 18 drops may be taken on a case-by-case basis, depending on how much support the colon needs. The active ingredient Natriumpicosulfat passes into the colon after ingestion.

The bacteria of the intestinal flora present there activate the active substance, which then stimulates the large intestine musculature. The advantage: The constipation is gently released and the body is not unnecessarily burdened. The active ingredient is absorbed by the body only in very small amounts and excreted predominantly with the stool again.

The 5 best anti-stress strategies for the head and intestine

Especially in hectic situations, our body is heavily stressed and requires a lot of energy. For a high performance both sufficient exercise, enough relaxation breaks and a healthy diet are important.

When stress hormones are reduced and stress is reduced, the intestine relaxes and the digestive system returns to equilibrium. With the following tips you are well prepared for the next stress situation.

Here are the 5 best anti-stress strategies for the head and intestine!

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