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emotiKarl: Karl Lagerfeld now with his own emojis

Photo: iTunes Store

Fashionable emojis

The Karl Lagerfeld empire is being expanded by a new app: emotiKarl. The best: The cool emojis in Lagerfeld look are free.

Karl Lagerfeld helps us to express our emotions? Really true, the man who always hides behind dark sunglasses in public and is not known for his open-minded style, now brings his own emojis to the App Store!

To promote its new fragrance, the Karl Lagerfeld empire is being expanded by a new app: emotiKarl !

And this is how emotiKarl works: Simply open the app, type a text from regular letters and Karl Emojis into your smartphone, with a mini storage box, Cat Choupette or fingerless leather gloves. The message can be sent as SMS or via various social media services or simply stored on your own mobile phone.

Disadvantage: The message is sent as a picture and the emojis can not be integrated into the keyboard.

The Karl Lagerfeld app still brings a lot of fun - and is free! Thus, probably the cheapest product that will ever bring Emperor Karl on the market!

The app is available for download in iTunes or the Google Play Store .