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Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary Pssst: You have never seen these gift ideas for women

Nice, unusual and easy to match - you need some gift ideas for women? Here are our three favorites!

These gift ideas for women are guaranteed not standard!
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There are people who keep small lists all year round about the little wishes of their female friends. If only one sentence falls or she looks at the cashmere sweater for five minutes too long in the shop and then puts it back with an embarrassed look, they have secretly photographed the label: The professional donor !

But what if you are not talented yourself and like to stand on the tube when it comes to gift ideas for women ? And with the gifts even more on the last minute? Of course we can help here. Our editors have come up with something special and today presents you with three attentions that are anything but standard.

Let yourself be inspired and find gifts for women who like to be surprised - and already have everything:

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Find gift ideas for women

1. Stylish umbrellas

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A post shared by Art Umbrellas ???????? (@zontjkdesign) on Apr 10, 2018 at 1:11 PDT

We admit: An umbrella is not necessarily the first thing to think about when it comes to great gift ideas for women. With the stylish umbrellas from the Swedish label Zontjkdesign this could change in the future but suddenly. The studio from Stockholm to designer Zlata Jaanimägi transforms umbrellas into a real work of art .

The inside of the umbrellas are printed with unique designs and graphics that will make the recipient smile even when it rains. Of course, the bad weather companion of course is also: Since the screen fabric consists of two layers, it reliably protects against annoying raindrops.

This makes the umbrella a fashion statement and is our top tip among women's gift ideas.

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2. Fancy perfume

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A post shared by Ms. Tonis Parfum, Berlin (@frau_tonis_parfum) on Aug 22, 2018 at 4:37 PDT

Perfume? A fancy gift? How uncreative, one may think at first glance. Everyone gives that! But stop, that does not apply to the scents of Mrs. Toni's perfume from Berlin. The innovative independent label is based on nuances beyond the mainstream and must therefore be part of our list of gift ideas for women.

Our favorite is the fresh scent of No. 17 Laundrette . And with fresh we mean fresh, because the Eau de Parfum is pure on minimalism and reminiscent of the smell of freshly laundered linen. In combination with a delicate touch of freesia, white lily and blackcurrant, this perfume stands out from the crowd and is guaranteed to surprise!

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3. The world

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A post shared by Tidstypisk (@tidtypisk) on May 13, 2017 at 6:11 PDT

Gift ideas for women are already an issue in themselves anyway. But what gives you now to a woman who already has everything? Correct: the world ! Since this might be a bit too costly, we recommend this beautiful National Geographic globe, which invites you to dream and mind travel.

No matter where the recipient places the globe in their home, she will enjoy it for life. Memories of where she has gone ... hopes of where she will travel. This accessory meets all our requirements for a special gift.

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