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DIY: This is how the table succeeds in a checkerboard look

The most beautiful is the pattern, if a narrow edge remains free and the squares are evenly distributed: So at the corners, each with a quartered square and ends at the edges, each with a triangle
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Square, practical, good

What a smart move! Put brush and paint in position, put the old table legs dull - and you have an exemplary board

You need this:

  • Pattern template for the checkerboard look
  • Wooden table with straight legs (similar to: "Ringamåla", clear lacquered solid birch wood, 74 x 119 x 74 cm, Ikea)
  • 4 turned table legs (whose upper square finish should be similar in size to the original table legs, eg made of pine wood, by Wulf Kappes Tischlereibedarf)
  • 4-8 key screws (Ø approx. 8 mm) with washers
  • drilling machine
  • Wood drill (Ø approx. 4-5 mm) for pre-drilling
  • Sandpaper (about 100 grit)
  • ruler
  • approx. 750 ml pre- and final varnish in light gray (eg "ProfiDur Buntlack, silk matt" in light gray "04.025.05", Schöner Wohnen-Farbe)
  • brush
  • paint roller
  • masking tape
  • approx. 750 ml pre- and final varnish in white (eg "Profi-Dur white varnish, silk matt", Schöner Wohnen-Farbe)
  • Wrench (M 13)


Four legs plus plate: Actually, everything important is on the table made of light wood. But a type-appropriate Umstyling has not hurt anyone ...

1. Swap legs

Unscrew old legs. Sand the new ones and paint white. After drying, fit the sample and pre-drill the sash angles accordingly.

2. Paint the pattern

Sand plate and frame, paint gray, sand and finish with gray paint. Outline pattern on the plate. Mask surfaces for white squares. Paint this and frame white.

3. Sand edges

Remove the artist's crepe. Sand the edges of the plate, legs and frame until the gray lacquer becomes visible in places. Place the table on the plate and screw on new legs.


With white paint, shabby-chic edges and new, curved legs, the dining table shows its nostalgic side - and fits perfectly with the country-house look of the dining room. A closer look reveals the elegant checkered pattern in white and light gray. There is no need for a tablecloth even for festive occasions!

"Me sit" chairs, each about 239 €: Sebra about the tropical house. Pendant lights "Ikono small", each about 160 €: Normann Copenhagen. Display cabinet, approx. 839 €: Car. Pink napkins, about 10 €, pastel-colored lidded boxes (in the cupboard), each from about 5 €, carafe / decanter (detail photo right), about 30 €, glasses, each about 4 €: the laundry

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