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Jan Josef Liefers: His Anna would like to have another son ...

Jan Josef Liefers and his Anna are a true dream couple
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"I have really great kids."

For eight years Jan Josef Liefers (47) and Anna Loos (41) lead a happy marriage. Her special pride is the sweet daughters Lilly (9) and Lola (4).

It could all stay so harmonious if his Anna did not have a special request for discussion! In an interview with "Bild am Sonntag" the "Tatort" star admits: "Anna would like to have a son ..."

Understandable, if you have two daughters. Since mothers often have the desire for a small bullies. But what does Jan Josef Liefers want? "Yes No. Hm, hm. Well. "So no third child with Anna Loos ? "That would be my fifth!"

From his first marriage he has the student Paulina (24) and with colleague Ann-Kathrin Kramer (46) the 15-year-old Leonard.

Liefers is a family man through and through. He enthuses, "I have some great kids." And he's anything but a stern father. The TV star admits: "My wife and I are both not very consistent. Our daughters also notice that and try to test their limits. "

Whether Anna Loos reaches the limits as far as her desire for children is concerned? It is clear that Jan Josef Liefers loves his wife and she has great assertiveness.