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This winter you need a thick (artificial) coat!

Bright synthetic fur stole for wrapping made of modacrylic polyester mixture. From Zara, about 40 euros.
Photo: Manufacturer

The most beautiful fake fur scarves for after-shopping

Now it's cuddling: not only on the sofa, but also out there with the new furs! Fake fur shawls bring us warm through the winter. The best models to buy there's here!

This accessory trend is our favorite because it keeps you sooo nice and warm. And a well-cut coat in men's style or other cuddly companions such as knit or jersey missed a touch of extravagance. (Before you say "Njet", there are loads of fake-fur scarves ...)

You want to wrap yourself in fluffy fur without a guilty conscience? Fake fur (ie fake fur, but sounds fancier) makes it possible. The material is also easier to clean and much cheaper than real fur.

The most beautiful fake fur scarfs for after-shopping we show you to click through.

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