Recommended, 2022

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Bookmark with lavender

  • white linen fabric
  • Embroidery thread in two shades of violet and light green (eg

      from Anchor; Haberdashery)
    • Embroidery needle, sewing needle
    • checkered fabric in light blue
    • 12 cm lace border (haberdashery, from approx. 0.90 / m)
    • approx. 20 cm satin ribbon in light green
    • 1 eyelet
    • Lochzange
    • Ösenzange
    • sewing machine
    • Sewing thread in violet

    1. Cut out of the white fabric a rectangle of 5 x 11 cm with the pinking shears.

    2. Embroider the flowers of the lavender on the white fabric with the violet-colored embroidery thread in a narrow tree stitch. Embroider the stems with light green yarn in the backstitch. In each case a tree stitch with work into the stem. These are the leaflets of lavender stalks.

    3. Double-place checkered fabric and cut out a bookmark. Sew white fabric with purple yarn on a bookmark section.

    4. Sew both bookmark parts with the sewing machine right to right, except for a small opening.

    5. Turn fabric, sew opening with hand. Punch a hole in the center with the hole pliers at the top.

    6. Insert eyelet with the pliers and pull the satin ribbon through. Knot ribbon.

    7. Sew the tip to the lower edge by hand.