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REWE to go - Aunt Emma Laden 2.0.

Photo: REWE
  1. For quick shopping
  2. What is there to buy at REWE to go?
  3. Where is REWE to go?

For quick shopping

For quick shopping - REWE to go offers everything you need to take with you. And wants to expand its locations to the whole of Germany.

Get yourself a quick muesli, plus a cup of coffee and a fruit salad - from now on no problem. REWE to go is expanding its locations. REWE to go? Yes, exactly - a modern shop of Aunt Emma.

Ten times REWE to go already exists in Germany - in Dortmund, Essen, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hagen, Bonn, Leipzig and Munich - until now. REWE to go will soon be available throughout Germany. "Rewe to go, we will now roll out throughout Germany. Over the next few years, we see potential for 400 to 500 such markets, "said Chef Alain Caparros to Wirtschaftswoche.

What is there to buy at REWE to go?

If things need to be fast again ... REWE to go only offers food that you can take with you on hand. Just "for the quick need, " said Caparros. In English: aromatic coffee specialties, fresh baked goods, delicious smoothies and cereals for breakfast. Fine wraps, baguettes and fresh salads for lunch. And chocolate and fruit for the afternoon low.

Where is REWE to go?

So far, the small mom and pop shops are only in ten cities in Germany represented - preferably in pedestrian areas, shopping malls, train stations and gas stations. Right there, where many passers-by are frolicking.

We already know the coffee to go. And the sandwich too. So why not go to a supermarket? We think the idea is great and look forward to the green kiosk in our city.