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This ultrasound examination goes down in history!

This ultrasound is probably unique!
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When unborn babies are looking forward to the ultrasound video

Jen Cardinal is pregnant. As usual, she goes to the gynecologist: appointment for ultrasound. What she sees is just amazing!

In the 14th week of pregnancy (ergo 4th month) are ultrasound appointments something normal. The unborn child of Jen Cardinal does but something that even surprised the doctor: It claps!

What came out of the ultrasound examination : The baby is healthy - and apparently happy! :-)

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands! This ultrasound video has it all!

Addendum: To this video there was a lot of discussion on our Facebook page. Some readers have debunked something: This video is not (really) real! The embryo has probably only once clapped in the hands. This recording was then repeated ('gelooped'), as you can see in the video below right. Nevertheless, it is sweet even with a single clap! ;-)