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The most beautiful sandals of summer

Because these artworks look so relaxed to Ibiza, we make them a summer joy and wear them to flutter dress, jeans or ethnic style.
Photo: Elina Linardaki

Shock in love: We need some hippie sandals!

They are colorful, special and immediately beam you to the Mediterranean Sea: In search of the most beautiful sandals in 2015, we found shoes that simply do not want to go out of their heads - that's how beautiful they are!

Attention, girls! This is now a high-risk shopping fund for those of us who are, let's say, easily influenced. A trend comes from the holiday rushing over to us: the hippie chic. And even if we are back at home for a long time, we start our Flower Power Happy mode again in our imagination. Weaving colorful floral wreaths, walking barefoot along the beach .. barefoot? No, viiiiieeeel better! The reason for our euphoria is a colorful summer sandal. Very special models that are so beautiful that they have really turned our heads.

The objects of desire are hippie sandals such as "Hula Hoop", "Mint Mojitos" or "Castaway" label Elina Linardaki. The ornate shoes are handmade in Greece, therefore have their price (hardly a pair is less than 100 euros).

All sandals have their own source of inspiration. For example, "Penny Lane" (photo above) describes the designer from Athens on her website: "These sandals represent my latest passion for the Beatles' psychedelic outfits (during their Magical Mystery Tour), Moroccan spice markets and outdoor music festivals . " And further: "Made for those who want to spend their summer without worries, for those who dive for more than 30 seconds, those who enjoy a sweet watermelon, build sandcastles, remain cheerful and carefree." Yes, yes, yes, we want everything!

All we have to do now is choose one shoe: Elina Linardaki's sandals are sewn within 10 working days, then shipped internationally. How long can you not wait? The shoes in our sandals gallery are at least as beautiful and can be bought immediately:

And about that? Hot pants are always perfect (eg from Destroyed Denim), plus a tunic, alternatively a white lace lace dress. Other gorgeous flighty companions: Fransentasche or hippie earrings. And the nails shine as orange-red as the sunset. Ibiza forever!

Sure, that you do not just wear the hippie look on the sunny island. "Casual" is namely everywhere whimsy.

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