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The 10 best foods for good breath

When you are among people, you want to avoid one thing: bad breath.
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What helps against bad breath?

Everyone knows it: you have a nice conversation, but where does this unpleasant smell come from? Oh no, did not my counterpart brush his teeth?

Poor oral hygiene can be a cause of bad breath, but it does not have to be. Many foods we eat are predestined to cause bad odors.

The mouth is just a biotope of a special kind: It is teeming with millions of microbes, which are constantly busy to decompose dead cells and leftovers. Is it any wonder that every now and then a scent sneaks into our breath, with which you could beat even vampires in the run?

Especially hostile smell garlic and onions. High-protein foods such as yoghurt also leave us tasting more than vegetarians and fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. But what else can you do for a kiss-fresh breath ? There are a few foods that neutralize or prevent the unpleasant odor. We have put together the 10 most important foods for good breath for you.

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