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The style of Zac Efron

Star Styles at Check: Zac Efron

From the little boy with Justin Bieber hairstyle, plaid shirt and jeans to the sexy young star in a suit: Zac Efron has done it! We show his style change - including hot looks and fashion faux pas!

The style of Zac Efron
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Not too long ago you were looked at diagonally, if you found Zac Efron hot. Zac Efron - was not that the little boy from "High School Musical, " who was singing happily, brushing his over-length Justin Bieber-esque emo pony out of his face?

The Style Evolution by Zac Efron shows the gallery (20 pictures).

That was once! Meanwhile, Zachary David Alexander Efron has outgrown his jeans and checked shirt and prefers to wear a suit. Instead of bangs, he wears his hair short, for a dash of masculinity provide his beard experiments, ranging from full beard to porno bar. Even though he seems a bit bubbly from time to time, Zac Efron is now officially allowed to be officially hot - after all, he is already of full age.

As for his roles, Zac Efron is more adult: For the love drama "Forever the your", in which he plays a soldier of the US Marines special unit, he had to build up muscle properly. Zac Efron separated from teenage longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens back in 2010, with his new flame Lily Cole, he broke up in June 2012 again. But he flirts from November 2012 in the crazy thriller "The Paperboy" vigorously with Nicole Kidman.

From plaid shirt to suit and almost back with Zac Efron

For the film premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, of course, he then appeared in a suit - only a few days later, but then again in his gulf of chinos and (after all, not checkered) shirt to slip. We are looking forward to the further style transformation of the Zac Efron.

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