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Queen Sofia: A normal grandma

Queen Sofia - The proud grandmother "decorates herself" with her grandchildren ...
Photo: Getty Images

She proudly carries pictures of her grandchildren on the bag

What's that? Then Queen Sofia of Spain (74) makes a sailing trip with her grandchildren Victoria (12), Pablo (12), Miguel (11) and Juan (13) and at first glance everything seems to be normal and as usual.

However, if you look closely, you notice a detail that you do not expect from a queen: Grandma Sofia wears a shopper with pictures of her grandchildren printed on it!

Such an open love proof is expected just in the traditionally rather strict and "staid" Spanish royal house rather less. All the more touching, if just Queen Sofia shows the photos of her sweetheart so show and confess: Yes, I'm a proud grandma !

Wonderfully normal! The English Queen does not really trust such a maneuver. But at home it likes to be plush ...

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