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Dating Naked: Nude Dancers Advertise for New TV Show

Photo: YouTube / VH1

The attention is guaranteed

What a crazy advertising campaign: In a pedestrian area in Los Angeles suddenly several people undress. The passers-by do not trust their eyes.

In order to stir the ad for the new reality show " Dating Naked ", the US station VH1 has come up with something very special: professional dancers have rehearsed a performance that they perform in the middle of a pedestrian zone - and naked !

First only a couple undresses, then there are more and more people who tear their clothes off and join the choreography. Whether black or white, old or young, man or woman - everyone dances with everyone, which is why the action is also a great statement for tolerance and in the often rather prudish America causes a stir.

At the brand new show, two people each meet naked on a date in the hope that it will spark. The nudity is supposed to help you to be honest with each other and not to fool yourself .

To the all-clear: both in the commercial and in the show itself primary and secondary sexual characteristics are always pixelated .

First Date and the guy just do not like them? So you can finish the date without losing face.