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Channing Tatum on his stripper life: I was young and needed the money

The Vow "star Channing Tatum speaks openly about his past as a stripper

Channing Tatum

He used to stand almost naked on stage, now he poses in front of the camera! Channing Tatum has long left behind his slightly disreputable past as a stripper named Chan Crawford. But where other celebrities are afraid that their embarrassing secrets will come out, Channing has no problem discussing it. Channing sees his past quite relaxed. In contrast to the US magazine "GQ" he now openly declared, "I was young, dumb and just wanted something Earn money. Of course you can also work ten hours a day for the minimum wage. These are the only jobs that are available to young people without college education. "And at that time, the 19-year-old at that time did not bother. So he tried his hand as a stripper. By the way, his story is being filmed by Steven Soderbergh - under the title "Magic Mike". Which means that soon hotties like Matt Bomer, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello and Channing even unpack their six-pack for the camera. Since we can imagine something worse, or? CH