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Fashion trends 2014: that comes, that stays, that works

We carry the sun with us: yellow is the color for 2014 - and it exudes lightness pure!
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We take a look into the fashion future and tell you what's hot for next year.

You want to know now, what you hang in 2014 in the wardrobe? Go ahead, because we'll tell you today which trends come, stay and go.

Fashion Trends 2014 : That's coming ...

The 80s are back! With wild patterns and color combinations, we celebrate the decade of shoulder pads and Vokuhilas. What was "bad taste" last year is now a trend and is guaranteed to be bought by you. In terms of color, a rich or pastel-colored yellow plays the main role in the wardrobe and exudes good mood and cheerfulness. Also new: large nature prints on dresses, skirts and Co. Here, the piece of fabric quickly becomes a flower meadow.

Fashion Trends 2014 : That remains ...

Already last year we wrapped ourselves in silver, bronze and gold - and in 2014 we can continue to indulge in the metallic tones . Especially on shoes and jackets the shimmering nuances will be found again. Even pastel shades for spring and summer are still a delicate eye-catcher and absolute styling must. You will find them mainly on maxi skirts (are still trumps), blouses and towels.

Fashion Trends 2014 : That's ...

Last year we were able to spice up our wardrobe with lots of pink and red. These colors are no longer fashionable in 2014 and give way to a nice yellow as a colorful swab. We also have to say goodbye to eye-catching ruffled designs. From now on we want to see clear (and sometimes trasparent) lines.

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