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Wide calf, short leg: How to find the perfect boots

Autumn is here and winter is approaching. What do we need there? Of course a few boots.

Which boot suits me?
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  1. You are small and have short legs
  2. If you have muscular legs
  3. You have wide calves
  4. If you want to be trendy

And they should also fit as perfectly as possible to your own figure. Sometimes not so easy, if you have a few extra pounds and the shaft needs to be extra wide or the calf is rather short. We have the best tips on which boots to make you happy this fall.

You are small and have short legs

Ankle boots are ideal for you. They should not be too wide cut. Also, the shaft should not be too high, because the higher, the shorter the leg looks. On clumsy biker boats you give up better. These boots could suit you:

If you have muscular legs

Show what you have: To muscular legs fit best boots with a short shaft. As long as it is still warm enough, you can wear it super even without tights. Maybe you like those boots?

You have wide calves

If you're a bit heavier on the calves, you're sure to struggle to find the perfect boot. If you do not want to fall back on ankle boots, you can try it in a plus size shop. HERE you will find even more good tips on how to get on wide-boot.

If you want to be trendy

Which boots love this fall and winter? Clearly: Overknees! The boots, which extend over the knee, are great. But what is even better: They are super comfortable and look great with dresses and short skirts.

If you like to wear trousers, you better not get overknees. The style can look cheap quickly. Even small women should be careful with boots with a long shaft, as these shorten the leg.