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Andrea Kathrin Loewig: Who makes you shine like that right now?

From March 1st, Andrea Kathrin Loewig turns into the wicked "nice Lola".
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She always surprises us! "Freundlich" star Andrea Kathrin Loewig (46) puts her doctor's coat as "Dr. Globisch ", turns once again into the" fesche Lola "(from 1 to 24 March in Dresden, tickets at:

On stage she will turn heads upside down for men - but in real life the all-rounder is gone. Her heart belongs to musician Andreas Hartwig (47). The attractive couple wants to marry soon. Now, the winner of the media award "My Star of the Year 2011" gave the "Bauer Media Group", one of her rare interviews and told us what makes them shine . We talked about ...

... Values

Andrea Kathrin Loewig: I deliberately convey joie de vivre to my daughter Josephine (4). She should learn early on that it is a gift to be healthy and happy. We just spent five days together and laughed a lot. These precious moments make me really happy, make me radiate .

... beauty secret

Andrea Kathrin Loewig: My daughter keeps me on my toes and therefore young. In addition, I pay attention to my diet, do sports or yoga.

... her mother

Andrea Kathrin Loewig: Mom and I are completely different and yet one unit. I am the creative, they are the rational. In addition, she takes care of my daughter Josephine when I have to work. I can not say "Thanks" to her often enough.

... love

Andrea Kathrin Loewig: I have been engaged and very happy for six months. Andreas and I just go well together and look forward to a future together.

... Offspring

Andrea Kathrin Loewig: I could have imagined having a whole football team. But I should have tackled that earlier. I'm happy that I have Josephine, my job and a lot of dreams. But that does not include a child.

... Way of St. James

Andrea Kathrin Loewig: Walking the pilgrimage once would be a dream for me. I have read a lot about it. However, for me as a mother, it is impossible for him to go. I could not switch off. That's why I might walk with my daughter when I'm grandma - or it'll be a dream.

... Relaxation

Andrea Kathrin Loewig: For me, driving a train is a wonderful meditation. When I read and look into the landscape, then I can relax perfectly. Sometimes I have to slow down a little so that I do not stand there and say: So this is how a burn-out feels like.

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