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Boxspring beds in check: pros and cons of the sleep trend

(Box spring bed, about 1000 euros, impressions)
Photo: Impressions

What can the new trend bed do?

The originally from the US originating beds were long to find only in noble hotels. Now you see them more and more often at different manufacturers.

What exactly are boxspring beds ?

Here the mattress is not on a slatted frame, but on a spring box (under mattress). At the top is still a thin topper pad, which increases the sleeping comfort.

Advantages of box spring beds

1. The foam topper makes the box spring bed especially comfortable. Nevertheless, the spine is well supported by the underlying mattress.

2. The topper also protects the mattress underneath.

3. Ideal for the elderly: The high beds make it easy to get up.

4. The box spring bed looks very comfortable.

5. The cover hides the legs.

Disadvantages of box spring beds

1. Since the mattress is directly on the base, it is not as well ventilated as on the slatted base. This could be problematic for allergy sufferers.

2. The lack of DIN standardization makes it more difficult to determine the exact degree of hardness.

3. The beds need a lot of space and are too big for small bedrooms.

(Picture below: Boxspring bed about 1000 Euro, INOSIGN about Otto)

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