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Nipple show and a lot of bare skin: This is how Megan Fox shows on vacation

Lively photo of Megan Fox leaked

Megan Fox / Twitter

Should we be sorry that stars are really being followed everywhere by the paparazzi, even on holiday, when they take a well-deserved break? Definitely not, if the result looks like Megan Fox, who was sunning with her husband Brian Austin Green on the beach in Hawaii sun. The former "Transformers" actress wears an extremely tight, black and white bikini that not only Megan Fox was shivering, much to the delight of the lurking photographers. Evidently Megan Fox was cold as she rose from the tides. Even before the husband could tenderly hand her a towel, the photographers caught a photo that shows them with hard nipples that are clearly visible through the fabric of her bathing top. It's clear that since her Armani advertising campaign, Megan Fox did not look so sexy anymore, and the few pounds she has recently gained landed in exactly the right places

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