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Floral decoration and napkin idea for the garden party


  • about 10-15 Zinien in orange
  • about 15-20 branched stems button chamomile
  • about 15-20 stems Alchemilla
  • about 10-15 grasses
  • about 6 branches
  • Fresh flower poultice (eg from Mosy; Florist)
  • Paketband
  • Clothespins (craft shop)
  • Computer with printer
  • Paper flowers
  • secateurs
  • knife

Napkins idea:

  • Wrapping paper blue with dots (craft shop)
  • Transparent paper DINA 5 (stationery business)
  • Sewing thread in blue (haberdashery)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • Cutlery and napkins

1. Water the plug-in compound. Let it soak in slowly to prevent air bubbles. Cut the plug-in compound with the knife for the vases.

2. Free stalks of flowers from excess green.

3. Cut the ends of the stems diagonally for better water absorption.

5. Put flowers and branches in the vases.

6. Connect branches to the package tape.

7. Print the menu with the computer, tear it loose and hang it on the package with clothespins.

Napkins idea:

1. Cut wrapping paper into narrow strips, approx. 3 cm x 8 cm. Sew with a zigzag stitch onto a sheet of translucent paper.

2. Stitch two sheets of transparent paper together on three sides.

3. Put the napkin and cutlery in the bag.

Tip: If you use a white bobbin thread, it looks much more delicate.