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Lightning talk with Barbara Sch neberger

Summer time is vacation time! Barbara Schöneberger (40), who is currently promoting Homann's Mediterranean salad cuisine, is a big fan of Italy.

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The lightning talk:

Which is your favorite Mediterranean destination, Barbara Schöneberger ?

I love traveling to Italy or southern France. Also in Spain there are great places. But my absolute favorite is really Italy. You can eat great, understand the language and have a good rest.

Are you more of an active hiker or a beach vacationer?

I definitely do not go to the hotel, but rather rent a house, where I spend a nice time with friends. Then everything is done - but nothing exclusively. I'm nobody who wants to lie on the beach from morning to night, with children anyway that does not work. On the other hand, I do not want to see every church from the inside.

How do you ensure a Mediterranean flair at home?

I love Mediterranean flair, it can look great - but it can also be a nightmare. In Berlin one currently likes these orange-washed walls. I think that's something terrible!

AUTOGRAPHIC ADDRESS : Barbara Schöneberger c / o Pool Position, Eifelstr. 29, 50677 Cologne