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Does he defeat the wedding curse with Nada Sosinka?

Horst Lichter is happy with his future Nada Sosinka
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TV chef Horst Lichter

He is the cheerful TV chef who always spice his culinary programs with a great sense of humor. He also appreciates his longtime girlfriend, the Croatian Nada Sosinka (37), who wants to marry Horst Lichter (47) now. It should be ready this month.

This is the third wedding for North Rhine-Westphalia - two marriages have already failed.

It seems that Horst Lichter's love happiness after the Yes is not a good star.

But all good things come in threes! Does he now conquer the wedding curse with his Nada?

His first marriage began with a tragedy

TV presenter Markus Lanz (40) has described the life of his friend in the book "And suddenly you look up to God - The two lives of Horst lights" (Goldmann) enthralling: At 21, the cook marries the saleswoman Christine. You get a daughter.

The tragedy: The baby dies, sudden infant death! At the age of 22, Horst Lichter has to choose the coffin for his child. "This marriage broke down then, " his mother is quoted as saying. The couple gets two more children, but after ten years follows the marriage-off.

Horst Lichter is also hit hard by his fate: He suffers two strokes and a heart attack! He meets Maggie at the clinic. He is immediately fascinated by the Englishwoman. She turns his life upside down. "Because she loves to be dramatic." They marry. Happiness is not permanent. One day he finds a letter: Maggie wants to split up.

Woman gone, the account empty: Nada comforts him

Woman away, account empty, Horst lights in the crisis. He finds consolation with the waitress Nada. Meanwhile, both have been a couple for eleven years. Horst Lichter: "I'm proud that I have a beautiful woman who met me at a time when I was really dirty." He made the request in the kitchen. She said yes immediately. Now 400 guests are invited. After the wedding with the most delicious food, we go on a honeymoon: to Croatia, on a small romantic island. So much love, so much luck! Since the wedding curse would have to defeat but ...