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Berry deco in autumn makes rooms radiate

Photo: Living idea about deco & style, photographer: Nele Braas
  1. Berry times
  2. Berry decoration: tower construction
  3. Berry decoration: In front of the window
  4. Berry decoration: pumpkin meets berry
  5. Berry decoration: pumpkin peel
  6. Berry decoration: ornamental cabbage
  7. Berry decoration: With heart

Berry times

A berry seldom comes alone.

Convince yourself of how beautiful autumnal berries and flowers in the ensemble make our rooms shine.

Berry decoration : Romantic bouquet

A bouquet of Rosa Multiflora rosehips, St. John's wort, roses and dahlias gives the room a romantic touch. It fits in particularly well with a vintage or white furniture.

Berries - Deco : The classic

Classic and beautiful, a wreath of rose hips and berries brings autumnal mood into your own four walls.

A bow in the country-house look gives the ensemble the icing on the cake.

A matching candle illuminates the room with cozy light.

Berry Deco: Autumn wreath

An autumnal wreath makes the colder season even more beautiful. Lavender, roses, snowball berries, sedum (fat hen), vines, hydrangeas and blackberries decorate a lantern in the glass.


1. Place the lantern in the storage rack and fill it with water.2. Fill in the border with the different fruits and flowers (previously cut at an angle) and place the candle in the lantern.

Berry decoration: tower construction

This decoration has already come a long way - to the top! To make yourself a real eye-catcher for the room.

That's how it's done:

Pickle apples on toothpicks on a Styrofoam (craft shop) or stuck in the form of cut moss.

(Dresser, about 279 EUR: The laundry)

Berry decoration: In front of the window

Upside down, the berries on the ribbon give the window a particularly pretty view. Color matching candles make it round ...


1. Short cut berries and fix them with jewelery wire on a piece of gift ribbon.2. Ribbons hanging in front of the window.

Berry decoration: pumpkin meets berry

Rosehip and pumpkin make an excellent pair - even a few foliage and the ensemble can enter the decoration stage.


1. Cut off the lid of the pumpkin with a knife. Hollow out the flesh so that the glass jar fits into it. It should not look out.2. Add rose hips and foliage to a mixed bouquet.3. Cut diagonally with the secateurs and shorten to vase length. Fill the glass jar with water and put in the ostrich.

Berry decoration: pumpkin peel

Bright peas (snowberry) and rowan berries make themselves comfortable in a hokkaido pumpkin.


1. Halve the pumpkin diagonally.2. Lift off the lid and scrape out the fibrous flesh.3. Pour some water into the pumpkin halves, put peas and rowan berries in the pumpkin.

Berry decoration: ornamental cabbage

1-2 stalks cabbage, heather, berries (eg rose hips, rowan berries) and ornamental apples frolicking in a flowerpot - nicely arranged they make a good figure.


1. Cut floral foam in the size of the flowerpot and water slowly.2. Place floral foam in the flowerpot.3. Shorten the plant stems according to the size of the flowerpot and stick them tightly in the floral foam.4. Put the apples in the floral foam using a toothpick.

Berry decoration: With heart

Do you also have a heart for berries? Then you like this decoration idea certainly good! Our tip: Even at the window, the berry hearts are not bad!

That's how it's done:

Cut cardboard to the inside dimensions of a cookie cutter, insert in the center. Fix the berries on both sides with hot glue.

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