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Pelvic floor exercises

Exercises for the pelvic floor

Which body parts do women spend most time in sports? Sure, the problem areas belly, legs and butt.

Pelvic floor exercises
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However, a region is treated rather negligently during the workout: the pelvic floor. He is especially important for our health. That's why we introduce you to some useful exercises in this area.

Pelvic Floor Gymnastics is not a senior sport! This is the first prejudice ever made in the world. The state-certified gymnastics teacher Heike Höfler reveals why she should deal with this body region at a young age in her book "Beckenbogengymnastik".

There are exercises for the pelvic floor in the gallery (6 pictures).

The book presents exercises that train the pelvic floor muscle, which is also important for a good sex life. Especially after birth, this muscle can relax, which can even lead to listlessness in bed. One more reason to devote more time to this region when it comes to sports.

First and foremost, training has health benefits. For example, the taboo topic can be treated or prevented from incontinence. In addition, you can improve your posture and strengthen the back by the light workout.

Easy workout for the pelvic floor

And the nice thing is: The exercises are not at all complex and can also be carried out in everyday life. If you want, you can make the pelvic floor workout more varied with balls, a Thera band or a wooden stick. You can even combine training with Pilates.

Literature tip:

More exercises for the pelvic floor including helpful tips explains the author on the basis of numerous pictures in her exercise book.

"Pelvic Floor Gymnastics" by Heike Höfler (Blv, around 15 Euro) order here at >>

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