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instructions curtain

You need this:

  • cotton curtains
  • Folding ruler or tape measure
  • 2 square wooden plates
  • 2 big screw clamps
  • bucket of water
  • Batik / Färbefarbe
  • Ironing board and iron

And this is how it's done:

Measure the curtain with the yardstick and calculate how many "boxes" the curtain should have. According to the width of the box, fold the curtain in a concertina shape into a strip. Fold this strip accordion-like again, according to the width of the box, so that a thick square of fabric is created. The square of salmi-like staggered between two wooden plates that correspond to the box size. Press the curtain-wood-sandwich very tightly together with screw clamps. Soak the fabric in clear, cold water for about 15 minutes. Mix the dye bath according to the packing instructions. Dye curtain for approx. 15 min, always moving. The longer the curtain floats in the dye bath, the more interactive the pattern becomes. Rinse the curtain under cold water, loosen screw clamps and wood, rinse again. Curtain hanging dry on a leash. Then iron. Fold and dye second curtain as well.

Here you can download the entire manual.