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Instructions: Come what wool! Knitting instructions: handbag with cable pattern

Why do we love our new cable-knit handbag ? There are many reasons for this: On the one hand, the 34 x 30 cm bag is the perfect size for just about any occasion.

It always fits: handbag with cable pattern
Photo: Deco & Style

Shopping, eating out, work - it's always possible . On the other hand, the cute bag is also finished in a jiffy.

That's what you need:

  • Schachenmayr / SMC Boston (70% acrylic, 30% pure new wool superwash, length about 55 m / 50 g), 200 g in Fb. 02 nature, Milward knitting needles No. 6-7

That's how it works:

The bag consists of a straight knitted rectangle. It is simply halfway down, then the side seams are closed.44 Cast on AM and knit for the drawstring 10 rows smooth right. Then in the middle area 3 stitches increase, then knit in this pattern division about 56 cm.

And here's the complete guide.

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